The Last public Address of Imam Hussein ( A.S)

The Prophet of God (peace be upon Him) has said that he who sees a ruler perpetrate acts of tyranny, and transgress the boundaries prescribed by God, and establish the rule of sin and oppression, and yet does nothing to thwart him, either by word or by deed, shall not be blessed by God. Behold these people have become the disciples of Satan and victims of diabolism; they have rebelled against the beneficent God; and evil is dominating. Divine laws are fragrantly held “legitimate” and vice versa. My prime duty now is to restore the truth and justice. You are a witness to the conditions as they prevail. The society has deviated from the rightful path and drifted away from virtue. What remains is no more that more semblance of good. it is a disgraceful and dishonorable life. Terror has engulfed the society. But alas, you are oblivious to it, Don’t you see that truth has been oblitered? –and falsehood flagrantly allowed to dominate collective as well as individual actions. Yet, there is none who will check and subdue the tide of falsehood, oppression and tyranny. The moment has come for the believers and the faithful to take the road of martyrdom, with the banner of truth raised high. I seek martyrdom- since living in tyranny is in itself a sin and a crime.

*with special thanks
An extract from Imam Hussein’s address to the people of Iraq
The Dawn-Sunday Feb 11 1973

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