Marsia : Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Raat aaee hai Shabbir pey yalgaar-e-bala hai
Sathi na koi Yar na gamkhwar raha hai
Monis hai to Ek dard kee Ghanghore Ghata hai
Mushfaq hai to Ek Dil key Dharakney kee sada hai
Tanhai kee, ghurbat kee, pareshani kee shab hai
Yeh Khana-e-Shabbir kee Wirani kee shab hai

Night has set in, manifold miseries have Shabbir chained,
No friend, no companion and no well-wisher has remained,
The dark clouds of pain and suffering, are but his soother,
And the throb of his wounded heart, is the only comforter,
It’s the night of a lonely being, stranger, stranded and molested,
It’s the night of Shabbir’s house, which is desolate and devastated.

Dushman kee sipah khwaab mein madhosh pari thee
Pal bhar ko kisi kee na idhar Ankh lagi thee
Har ek ghari Aaj qayamat kee ghari thee
Yeh Raat bahut Aal-e-Mohammad pey kadi thee
Reh reh key bukaa Ahl-e-Haram kartey they Aisay
Tham tham key Diya Aakri shab jalta hai jaisay

Fast Asleep, the enemy soldiers were senselessly lying,
But this side, non could even wink in a situation trying,
This day, each and every moment was mortifying,
To the progeny of the Holy Prophet, this night was most terrifying,
The house-folks bewailed so, at times but helplessly,
As if the snuffed-out candle, flickers at the night-end slowly.

Ek ghoshay mein Un Sokhta Samanon key Salaar,
Un Khak basar, Khaknuma Weeron key Sardaar,
Tasna lab-o-Darmanada- o-Majboor- o-Dil-Figaar,
Is shaan sey bhaithay they Shah-e-Lashkar- e-Ahraar,
Masnad thi, na khilaat thi, na khuddam kharey they,,
Haa tan pey jidhar dekhyee, So Zakham Sajay they

In a nook there was, the Commander of the deprived creatures,
The Chief of those uprooted and molested creatures,
Broken-hearted, exhausted, helpless and thirsty,
The Leader was sitting but with great dignity,
Neither was royal cushion, nor robe, nor were the attendants standing,
Multiple wounds were on his body, blood from each was oozing.

Vale of Sorrow : T.D. Chattani

Through the Vale of Sorrow does history trace
Two matchless martyrs our Prophet’s pets
Who left their hearths with Islamic grace
In hunger and thirst their duty to face.

Severed from home, exhausted on the field
Opposed by enemies who had Satan’s shield
They gave their lives that others be freed
From falsehood, tyranny & a kafir’s creed.

Most precious blood flowed from their veins
Battlefield of Karbala has still those stains
From our hearts should rush rivers of blood
Renewing our faith with this vital flood.

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The Night of Martyrdom: Mrs. Sarojini Naido. (M.R.)

Black robed, bare-footed, with dim eyes that rain
Wild tears in memory of thy woeful plight.
And hands that in blind, rhythmic anguish smite
Their blood-stained bosoms, to a sad refrain
From the old haunting Legend of thy pain,
Thy votaries mourn thee thro’ the tragic night
With mystic dirge and melancholy rite
Crying to thee Husain! Ya Husain!
Why do thy myriad lovers so lament?
Sweet saint, is not thy matchless martyr hood
The living banner and brave covenant
Of the high creed thy Prophet did proclaim
Bequeathing for the world’s beatitude
Th’ enduring loveliness of Allah’s name!
Mrs. Sarojini Naido. (M.R.)
(Indian Freedom Fighter)
(The Nightingale of India)
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Tribute to Imam Hussein by Rabindra Nath Tagore

The world of things in which we live misses its equilibrium when its communication with the world of love is lost. Then we have to pay with our soul for objects which are immensely cheap. And this can only happen when the prison walls of things threaten us with being final in themselves. Then it gives rise to terrible fights, jealousies and coercions, to a scramble for space and opportunities, for these are limited. We become painfully aware of the evil of this and try all measures of adjustment within the narrow bonds of a mutilated truth. This leads to failure.

Only he helps us who proves by his life that we have a soul whose dwelling in the kingdom of love, and things lose the tyranny of fictitious price when we come to our spiritual freedom.
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Tribute to Imam Hussein : H G Wells

Pitched upon the scorching desert,
The tent of Hussain lay,
Encompassed round with Satan’s hounds
Upon that black sad day.

They numbered less that eighty strong,
Women and children too,
While Yazid’s thousands stood around,
Awaiting the Fiend’s lure.

Driven away from the cooling steam
His children wailing for water,
Awaiting with patience extremely sublime
Like sheep for the butchers slaughter.

Oh! How valiantly fought that pitiful few,
Against Yazid’s wild murderers,
Fought with a courage unequalled in time,
Fought with fierceness that was surely Divine.

The earth quaked and trembled as noon drew near,
But still the survivors knew no fear,
But fever grew that pitiful band,
For Islam, God & Hussain they stand.

At last, all were dead, the Devil had won,
Blood-red sank down the merciless sun,
Trampled and torn lay the gallant Hussain,
For Islam, and God, the Faithful were slain.
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Sermon of the Holy Imam on the day of Ashura

O!Citizens of Kufa,
Remember my image and look who I am, then awaken yourselves. Ask if it is fair for you to kill me and to violate the honor of my women? Am I not the son of your Prophet's daughter, the son of his successor, his cousin and the first one who believed in what he attains from God? Isn't Hamzah, Master of martyrs, my father's uncle? Haven't you heard the words that God's Messenger said to me and my brother that we are the masters of the Heaven's youths.Are you asking me for a dead person I killed, or money I usurped, or by punishment for wounds?When no one answered, he shouted loud and said: I beseech you by God; do you know me?

Yes, you are the Grandson of God's Messenger (pbuh), they replied.

I beseech you by God; do you know that Muhammad is my Grandfather? And do you know that Ali son of Abu Talib is my father? I beseech you by God; do you know that Fatima the daughter of God's Messenger is my mother? I beseech you by God; do you know that Khadija daughter of Khuwayled the first women in Islam is my Grandmother? I beseech you by God; do you know that Hamzah master of martyrs is my father's uncle? I beseech you by God; do you know that this is the prophet's sword? I beseech you by God; isn't the Turban I am wearing Prophet's Turban? I beseech you by God; wasn't Ali the most all-knowing the bravest man in Islam, and the master (Maula) of every faithful Muslim? Yet you are shedding my blood and he is my father.

Yes, we know all that and we will not leave you until you taste death from thirst.

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A wider understanding of Death: Imam Hussein (A.S)

Few people desire death. The Holy Qur’an challenges the Jews for not welcoming death in view of their alleged special relationship with Allah s.w.t.
Imam Hussein a.s. extended our comprehension of death by drawing attention to the three points below:

a) Death is written for everyone and no soul may escape it. He said: “Death is an adornment of life as a necklace is an adornment of a beautiful woman.”
b) Death with dignity is preferable to a life lived in humiliation.
c) Dying for the cause of Islam is martyrdom and a great honour. In his farewell to relatives in Madina, Imam Hussein a.s. said: “Whoever joins us will be martyred, those who remain behind will miss the victory.”
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Qur'an aur Hussein : Allama Maujiz Sambhali

Quran aur Hussain dil o Jaa.n hai.n dosto
Dono.n atae khaliq e Yazda.n hai.n dosto
Dono hi deen e haq ke nigahba.n hai.n dosto
Dono hi ye muhafiz eima.n hai.n dosto

Quran aaya deen batane ke wastey
Aaya Hussein deen bachane ke wastey

Quran ne bati Musalma.n kii zindagi
Shabbeer ne bachai Musalma.n kii zindagi
Quran ne padhai Musalma.n ki zindagi
Shabbier ne sikhai Musalma.n kii zindagi

Israr lafz lafz zaba.n kholte mile
Quran aur Hussein jaha.n bolye mile

Quran kya haii Aal e Payaber se poochhye
Nazil jaha.n hua haii ye is ghar se poochhye
Ya iilm ke bane hue ek dar se poochhye
Manzil kitab e paak ki Haider se poochhye

Aijaz jis ne iilm ka apne dikhaa diya
Wo jis ne be ke nuqte ko Quran bana diya

Quran me kya haii iska namoona Hussein hai
Baaikiyo.n ka is ki shanasaa Hussein hai
Quran hai imtehan natija Hussein hai
Quran to khamosh hai goya Hussein hai

Qamber ki baat baat pe lab kholne laga
Fizza ki bhi zuban me ye bolne laga

Paigham bar Hussein ye haq ka payam hai
Ye hai.n Imam e iilm wo ilmul kalam hai
Ye dee.n ke badshah wo dee.n ka salam hai
Ye faiz na tamam wo faiz e tamam hai

Shahid wo is ke or wo in ka gawah hai
Dono ka naam ajr e Risalat panah hai

Quran ki ayato.n ki nishani Hussein hai
Tasweer me Ali ki jawani Hussein hai
Taqreer me Rasool ka saani Hussein hai
Quran hai husn, husn bayani Hussein hai

Quran ke haraf haraf se agaah hai Hussein
Quran ki mamlukat ka shahanshah hai Hussein

Qran ki ki jo baat wo hi inki hu bahu
Lafzo.n me koi farq na fiqro.n me do ba do
Aaina jaise ek hai dono ke rubaroo
Hai guftagu Hussein ki Qura.n ki guftagu

Aal e nabi ke tarz e takleem ki shaan hai
Quran to Hussein ke ghar ki zaban hai

Quran tujhe kahan na uthaya Hussein ne
Kab tera martaba na badhaya Hussein ne
Tujh ko hazar baar sunaya Hussein ne
Neze pe bhi tujhe na bhulaya Hussein ne

Ye aur oj bakhsha Fatema ke noor e ain ne
Nezo.n buland kar dia tujh ko Hussein ne

Har dam that era kaun nighehba.n na bhoolna
Kis ne kiya tha dard ka darma na bhoolna
Quran apni zeest ka sam.n ne bhoolna
Quran ye Hussein ka ahsa.n na bhoolna

Tere waraq liye raha apni panah me
Apne waraq bikher diye qatl gah me

Apne charagh deke bachaye tere charagh
Baatil kii andhiyo.n me jalaye tere charagh
Tasham rasto.n me sajaye tere charagh
Himmat hai ab kisi me bujhaye tere charagh

Zulmat na gher payegi ba koii naam ko
Raushan kuch itna kar diya hai shahar e Shaam ko

Akbar kiya nisar teri zeest ke liye
Asghar kiya nisar teri zeest ke liye
Sab ghar kiya nisar teri zeest ke liye
Phir sir kiya nisar teri zeest ke liye

Ahsan tujh pe ta had ahsan kar diya
Jo kuchh the tere naam pe qurban kar diya

Quran kah raha hai inhe manta hu.n mai.n
Al e Rasool e paak ko pahchanta hu.n mai.n
Jo martaba Hussein ka hai janta hu.n mai.n
Jo mujh pe fauq hai ise gardanta hu.n mai.n

Jo fauq hai aya.n hai wo sab ahl e hosh par
Mai rahal par Hussein Muhammad ke dosh par

Quran o Ahl e baiit me kuchh faasla nahi
Ye aur baat in me se ek bolta nahi
Quran o ahl e baiit se gar wasta nahi
Dozaq baghair or koi rasta nahi

Dono se jis ko ishq hai wo kamyab hai
Ghar bughz ek se bhi hai khana kharab hai

Quran o Ahl e baiit se ulfat Rasool ne
Islam ko ye di thii amanat Rasool ne
Kuchh maal o zar na daulat o hashmat Rasool ne
Manga na aur ajr e Risalat Rasool ne

Dono se rasm o rah ko rakhna zaroor hai
Jo ek se bhi phir gaya dono se door hai

Dar dar pe apne sir ko kabhi phodna nahi
Rishta kisi se aur kahi.n jodna nahi
Jo ahad kar liya hai ise todna nahi
Quran or Hussein ko tun chhodna nahi

Dono se mil ke rehna hi rah e nijat hai
Maujiz adaye ajr e Risalat ki baat hai

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The Final Call: Letter to the people of Basra by Imam Hussain (a.s)

“Allah certainly, chose Mohammad (saw) from among His creatures, honored Him with his prophet hood, and chose him for His message. Then He took his life, raising him to His nearness, after he had advised His servants and preached what he was entrusted. We were his family, his pious men, his trustees, his inheritors and the most entitled among people to inherit his status. The people monopolized that to themselves and we assented, disagreeing to discussion, and chose patience. We know that we are more entitled to that legitimate right than those who seized it. I am calling you to the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet. For certainly, the Sunnah was weakened and innovation was revived. Should you listen to what I tell you, you will be guided to the righteous path?”

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A tribute by Hindu Poet

Hind me kaash Hussain ibn Ali aa jaate
Choomte un ke qadam palke bichhate Hindu
Anch Ahmad ke nawase pe naa aane dete
Waqt padta jo koii sir bhii katate Hindu

Bhuvnesh Chandra Sharma “Bhuvan” Amrohi

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Karbala Ki Kahani Suraj Ki Zabani :Allama Naseem Amrohi

Zarra hun aftab se garm sukhan hun mai.n
Khaakii nashaad aur falaq anjuman hu.n mai.n
khursheed-e-asmaan-e-vila ki kiran hu.n mai.n
Aii charkh dekh khak-e-dar-e-Panjetan hu.n mai.n

Sad shukr basta-e-kashish-e-Bootura’ab hu.n
Jo rad na ho kisi se mai.n wo Aftaab hu.n

Maddah-e-doodmaan-e Siraj-e-muneer hu.n
Khama hai muddai ki ataaro nazeer hu.n
Aii aftaab tujhse mai kya zaii pazeer hu.n
Darbar-e-aftab-e-Najaf ka faqeer hu.n

Raushan haii tabaa mahar-e-Risalat ke noor se
Irfan-e-kaiinat haii mere sha’oor se

Sun kar ye meri nazm darkhshan-o-lajawab
Bola ye aftab kea ii abd-e-Booturab
Shab ke bayan me bhii sahar ki haii aab-o-taab

Haii kainaat-e-ghaiib me subha-e-zahoor too
Tarikia.n nigal ke ugalta haii noor too

Maii aur too hai.n ek hii darbaar ke ghulaam
Too ashiq-e-Imam haii maii ashiq-e-Imam
Tujh ko Nabi se kaam haii mujh ko nabi se kaam
Dono talaash-e-haq me hai.n sargarm-e-subha shaam

Too waqeya nigar-e-Imam-e-shaheed haii
Teri shuneed mere liye chasmdeed haii

Maii dahar me zamaan-o-maka.n se hu.n mawara
Mujh se hi roz-e-shab haii mujhe roz-o-shab se kya
Har ibteda mujh hi se mujh hi par haii inteha
Lekin mere nufus se bahar haii Karbala

Wo Karbala Hussain ki jo khwab gaah haii
Dar-omadar-e-Ash’huadan la Ilah haii

Is khak par jo haii lahad-e shah-e-naamsaar
Deen-e-Muhammad me haii is ka bada waqar
Hukm-e-tulu jab mujhe deta haii Kirdigar
Pahli shuja choomti haii shamma-e-mazar

Har roz farz haii ki muqarrar karu.n salam
Dubu.n salam karke nikal kar karu.n salam

Tasleem-e-Karbala ka haii adna silaa nejat
Aa aii gunahgar yahan leke ja nejat
Jannat ke ishq ki nahii hargiz jaza nejat
Is khwab ka haii ishq shifayat wila nejat

Aisii koii gunah ke maraz kii dawa nahii
Jannat ke khak khak haii khak-e-shifaa nahii

Is khak me mila haii chaman Buturab ka
Is khak me lahu haii Risalat mu’ab ka
Is khak me khazana haii ilm-ul-kitab ka
Haii daur daura Fatima ke aftab ka

Mahboob-e-Mustafa haii mashi’at pasand haii
Jab to nizam-e-shams kii had se buland haii

Baa-e-huma nazar me haii jo waqeyat sun
Asbab Karbala ke basad iltefat sun
Phir se hal-e-ibtela-e-kanare furat sun
Pyaso.n ka zikr –o-wahdat-e-zaat-o-saf’at sun

Darban-e-bargahe Risalat panah hu.n
Maii jazba-e-Hussain ka aini gawah hu.n

Jab tak rahe jahan me Rasool-e-malak khisal
Tode usul-e-haq ko kisi ki thi kya majaal
Manhoos raat jis me Nabi ka hua wisaal
Goya ke kahti aii kea ii Fatima ke laal

Tamheed-e-dastan-e-shahadat shuru haii
Asur ki sahar isii shab se tulu haii

Taii kar ke hadsaat kii rahei.n qadam qadam
Mitti jaha.n kii thii wahi.n aaye maii haram
Thahare kanare nahar-e-rawa.n ke Qibla-e-umam
Ye kah ke uth gay eke shar uthne na de.nge hum

Rahat kii ek ghadii bhii mayassar kahan huii
Ya.n tak ke subha-e-wada-e tifli aya.n huii

Wo subha–e-qatl-e Hazrat-e-Shabbir haq asaas
Larze me kaiinaat, faza me hajume yaas
Bechain jinn-o-ins Malaik bhii bad hawaas
Dil bhii, nazar bhii, rooh bhii, mahaul bhii udaas

Kis ne kaha shaheedo.n ke qabil wo din na thaa
Is roz koii inke siwa mutma’in na thaa

Baam-e-ufuq pe subha hua jab ye zaufisha.n
Phaili thi.n ghazio.n ke rukho kii tajallia.n
Das bees tifl-o-peer to das paanch nau jawa.n
Aiise jawa.n ke naaz-e-jahaa.n fakhr-e-khandaa.n

Jab tak zameen zer-e-falaq barqaraar haii
Sabr-e-Hussain, unkii wafa yadgar haii

Saf basta sar baqaf the jawanan-e-sher dil
Himmat thii jinkii khalt, shuja’at thii aab-o-ghil
Qayad ke tewaro.n se nazar jinkii muttasil
Tufa.n bhii nazm-o-zabt me jinke na ho mukhil

Fitrat se panja kash ho.n jo haq ka mafaad ho
Aiise diler ho.n na phir aiisa jehad ho

Ek ek wo diler jo yakta-e-rozgar
Didaar-o-pur khuloos mateen-o-wafa she’ar
Ghazi, diler, Yusuf, bazaar-e-karzar
Kausar kii abroo, chaman-e-khuld kii bahar

Ye gul kahan the gulshan-e-mabar sarisht me
Dunia hi se bahaar gaii haii bahisht me

Peeran-e-kham kamar kii wo surat wo ahetsham
Chalne me teer, shakl me shamsheer-e-be neyam
Gah halat-e-ruqu gahe surat-e-qayaam
Wo Eid kii namaz thii ya nusrat-e-Imam

Ye zor-e-ulfat-e-pisar-e-Buturaab thaa
Peeri kii samt tan ke jo dekhaa shabab thaa

Khoon-e-adoo se ran ka ajab rang kar gaye
Faujo.n pe zindagii kii qaba tang kar gaye
Chaaro taraf sipah ko chaurang kar gaye
Aiisa lade khatma-e-jung kar gaye

Pahu.nchegii unkii tegho.n kii jhankaar door tak
Yani Imam-e-Mehdi-e-dee.n ke zahoor tak

Maula kii anjuman ko mile the ajab charagh
Zakhmo pa zakhm khaa ke bhii wo gul the baagh baagh
Ta zauhar unkii bu se mu’attar rahe dimagh
Phir Fatima ka chand thaa aur in gulo.n kaa daagh

Jungle me Ahl-e-Baiit kii bastii ujad gaii
Alam ke peshwa se jama’at bichhad gaii

Baad is ke imtehaan ka wo aa gaya maqaam
Rota hu.n khoon yaad me jiski maii subh-o-shaam
Tanha thaa qatlgaah me Zehra ka lal’a fam
Ab merii inteha se tamazat thii aur Imam

Garmii thii apne nukta-e-auje kamala par
Maii chart-e-zar lagaye thaa Zehra ke laal par

Nagah maine chha.nw sii dekhii zameen par
Pinha huye nigaho.n se sultan-e-bahr-o-bar
Jhuk kar baghaur janib-e-maqtal jo kii nazar
Dekha ajeeb manzar-e-pur dard-o-pur asar

Fauj-e-malaika ko jilau me liye huye
Ruh-ul-ami.n paro.n se hai.n saya kiye huye

Kahte suna ye jan-e-Rasool-e-Hussain ko
Jibr’iil khoiye na mere dil ke chain ko
Lutf aa raha haii Fatima ke noor-e-aiin ko
Is mehar mu’af hii rakhiye Hussain ko

Is waqt merii samt haii rukh mashra qaiin ka
Allah sabr dekh raha haii Hussain ka

Hukm-e-Imam waqt ka wajib thaa ahatraam
Rote huye chale gaye Jibr’ii-e-nek naam
Thaa qawt-e-asr kar ke tayammum Shah-e-anaam
Padhne lage namaaz badhaa shimr-e-talkh kaam

Maula jhuke sujud me haqqul yaqi.n ke saath
Dono jahaan ho gaye kham ek jabi.n ke saarh

Andhii uthii siyah mujhe lag gaya gahan
Daude haram sara kii taraf azlam-e-zaman
Jalne lage khayam-e-ghariiban-e- be-watan
Dyodhii pe haath maltii thii mazloom kii bahan

Kahtii thii roke haye muqaddar ye kya huaa
Andar mera mareez haii ghash me pada huaa

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Imam Hussain's at Karbala: Words of a Gallant

“…O people! The Prophet of Allah (saw) had said: ‘whoever witness an unjust ruler considering the prohibitions of Allah as permissible, breaking the covenant of Allah, opposing the practices of the prophet of Allah (saw), treating His servant sinfully and cruelly, and had seen all these misdeeds but did not oppose him by words and action, Allah surely will punish him as He wills.’‘Certainly these people have come to staunchly obey Satan, and given up obeying the Compassionate. They showed mischief, stop acting in accordance with Islamic laws, took Muslims’ property to themselves, made the haram (prohibited) designated by Allah, halal (lawful), and turned His halal to haram. I am more entitled then anyone else (to make change). Your letters arrived, and your envoys came to me. Carrying your pledge of allegiance that you will not hand me over to my enemy, nor will you fail me. Should you stick to your pledge of allegiance, you have surely made the right decision. I am Hussain bin Ali, and the son of Fatima, the daughter of the Messenger of Allah (saw). I am, myself, with you and my family is with yours. You find a good example in me. But, however, if you will not hold onto your pledge of allegiance, break your covenant, and throw off my pledge of allegiance, then, by Allah, it is not the first time you do it. You did it with my father, and you have done it with my brother, and my cousin Muslim bin Aqeel. He is certainly gullible who is deceived by you. You are missing your luck and losing your lot. He who breaks his oath, breaks it at his own peril. Allah will certainly compensate me if you leave me
*His address before the battalion of al-Hur bin Yazid al-Riyahi, Al-Watha'iq al-Rasmiyyah li-Thawrat al-Imam al-Hussein (a.s) (The official Documents of Imam Hussein's Revolution) Abdul Karim al-Qazvini, vol 1

Reason behind Uprising: Communiqué to Mohammad bin al-Hanafiyyah

‘… and I am not taking up arms in order to make merry, or be ecstatic over what I possess. I am ready to fight for the sole goal of seeking reform of the ummah of my grandfather, the Prophet of Allah (saw). I want to enjoin good and forbid evil and guide the affairs of the people as my grandfather, and my father, Ali bin Abi Talib (a.s) , were doing. Whoever justly accepts my call, Allah is the Source and Sustainer of justice, but whoever turns my offer down, I will opt for patience, till Allah judges between me and these people, and He is the best of judges.”

Imam Hussein (a.s)

*Al-Watha’iq al-Rasmiyyah li-Thawrat al-Hussain, Abdul-Karim al-Qazwini, p.36. Quoted from Maqtal al-Khawarizimi

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Be Virtuous before it is too late: Imam Ali (a.s)

Be virtuous when there is still time for you to realize and adopt virtues, when repentance can do you good, when prayers are heard: when you are enjoying peace and comfort and when the angels are still writing your good and bad actions (when you still have power and opportunities to do good or to be wicked). Do good before old age or illness renders you exhausted and unfit for any work and before death takes you away from this sphere of activities (life). Because death, sooner or later, will put an end to all your pleasures and all your enjoyments, it will send you far away from your cherished surroundings

Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (a.s)

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Recruitment of Officials, as per Islamic Law

While selecting the officers take care that you don not select such persons as have served tyrannical and oppressive rulers and have been responsible for atrocities and savage cruelties

Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib (a.s)

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The Quality of Worship

Some people worship Allah desiring (His rewards). It is the worship of merchants. Some people serve Allah out of fear. It is the worship of slaves. And some people serve Allah out of gratitude. It is the worship of free. It is the best kind of worship.

Imam Hussain (a.s)
Tulaf-al-Usool Ibn Shu'bah Al Harrani 5th edition pg 175

I Love Hussain: Gopinath “Aman"

Qurbanio ki shaan banam-e-Hussain haii,
Yani bahut buland maqaam-e-Hussain haii,
Kafir koii kahe to kahe Aman ko magar,
Is ke dil-o-jigar me qayam-e-Hussain haii

A tribute to Imam Hussain:Thomas Carlyle

Hussein and his companions were rigid believers in God. They illustrated that the numerical superiority does not count when it comes to the truth and falsehood. The victory of Hussein, despite his minority, marvels me!”

Tribute to Imam Hussain: Washington Irving

‘It was possible for Hussein to save his life by submitting himself to the will of yazid. But his responsibility as a reformer did not allow him to accept yazid’s Caliphate. He therefore prepared to embrace all sorts discomfort and inconvenience in order to deliver Islam from the hands of the Omayyads. Under the blazing sun, on the parched land and against the stiffing heat of Arabia, stood the immortal Hussein.”

Tribute to Imam Hussain:Muhammad Ali Jinnah

“The world is unable to present an example finer and brighter than the personality of Imam Hussein (a.s). He was the embodiment of love, valor and personification of sacrifice and devotion. Every Muslim, in particular, must learn a lesson from his life and should seek guidance from him.”

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Tribute to Imam Hussain : Edward Gibbon

“In the history of Islam, the life of Imam Hussein (a.s) stands unique, un-approached and unapproachable by anyone. Without the martyrdom, Islam would have been extinguished long ago. He was the savior of Islam and it was due to his martyrdom that Islam took such a deep root, which it is neither possible nor even imaginable to destroy now. In a distant age and climate, the tragic scene of the death of Hussein will waken the sympathy of the coldest reader.”

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Tribute to Imam Hussain: Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru

There is a universal appeal in his martyrdom. Hazrat Imam Hussein (a.s) sacrificed his all, but he refused to submit to a tyrannical government. He never gave any weight to the fact that his material force was far less in comparison with that of an enemy; the power of faith to his greatest force, which regards all material force as nothing. This sacrifice is a beacon light of guidance for every community and every nation”

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Tribute to Imam Husain: M.K Gandhi

“My admiration for the noble sacrifice of Imam Hussein (a.s) as a martyr abounds, because he accepted death and the torture of thrust for himself, for his sons, and for his whole family, but did not submit to unjust authorities.”
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Tribute to Imam Hussain: Allama Iqbal

Imam Hussein uprooted despotism forever, till the day of Resurrection. He watered the dry gardens of freedom with a surging wave of his blood, and indeed he awakened the sleeping Muslim nation. If Imam Hussein (a.s) had aimed at acquiring the worldly empire, he would not have traveled the way he did. Hussein weltered in blood and dust for the sake of truth. Verily, therefore he becomes the foundation of Muslim creed. ‘La Ilaha Illallah’, meaning there is no deity but Allah (God).”

Sir Mohammed Iqbal

A tribute to Imam Hussain : A.A Mohan

Many many years ago,
On the bloody field of Karbala,
A noble Hero faced his foe
As champion of God’s faith and law.

With sacrifices of life he saved,
The honor of divine laws.

And far more glorious was defeat,
Upheld the faith of God,
And ever bowed his noble head,
Before the tyrants iron rod.

His memory belongs to every age,
To every creed and clime.
And, shall forever brightly shine,
Undimmed by cruel hands of time.
Let lovers if peace and righteousness,
His life study and read,
And follow, with true earnestness,
The examples of his noble deed.

Of virtue from his sacred dust,
A harvest has sprung.
To tell the truth no man ever was,
Thus honored, wept and sung.

Whatever his faith, whatever his creed;
To every honest man,
Symbol of every virtue is,
The sacred word, Husain.

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The Last public Address of Imam Hussein ( A.S)

The Prophet of God (peace be upon Him) has said that he who sees a ruler perpetrate acts of tyranny, and transgress the boundaries prescribed by God, and establish the rule of sin and oppression, and yet does nothing to thwart him, either by word or by deed, shall not be blessed by God. Behold these people have become the disciples of Satan and victims of diabolism; they have rebelled against the beneficent God; and evil is dominating. Divine laws are fragrantly held “legitimate” and vice versa. My prime duty now is to restore the truth and justice. You are a witness to the conditions as they prevail. The society has deviated from the rightful path and drifted away from virtue. What remains is no more that more semblance of good. it is a disgraceful and dishonorable life. Terror has engulfed the society. But alas, you are oblivious to it, Don’t you see that truth has been oblitered? –and falsehood flagrantly allowed to dominate collective as well as individual actions. Yet, there is none who will check and subdue the tide of falsehood, oppression and tyranny. The moment has come for the believers and the faithful to take the road of martyrdom, with the banner of truth raised high. I seek martyrdom- since living in tyranny is in itself a sin and a crime.

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An extract from Imam Hussein’s address to the people of Iraq
The Dawn-Sunday Feb 11 1973

A tribute to Imam Hussain(a.s) by Hindu Poets: part 1

Toofan barpa hai garm haii maiidan-e-Karzaar
haii qatil.o me mahve fugha.n ek shahsawar
ibleesiyat iidhar haii, udhar insaan ka waqar
tanha Hussain or yaziidi kaii hazaar
aii gardish-e-zamaana thahar zaraa yahi.n
aiisi misal phir na milegi tujhe kahiin

:- Prof. Jagannath Azad

Karbala me ek bahana tha Hussain ibn Ali
lene waale ne liya thaa imtahan-e-Mustafa

:- Ram Bihari Lal 'Saba"

Baad marne ke bhii matam kii sada aati rahii
log hairat se meri chitaa ko dekha kiye

:- Chandra Shekhar Saxena.

Khuld uskii haii, khayba.n uska, Kausar us ka haii
Jis ko ulfat haii Vilayat aal-e-Payamber ke saath

:- Gauhar Prasad Nigam "Vilayat" Gorakhpuri.

Nazar aa jatii haii bazm-e-azaa se rah jannat kii
Shaheed-e-Karbala ke gham me jab rokar nikalte hai.n

:-Munshi Lakhman Narayan "Sakha"

Ab na samjhna mujhe sab ne wali likkha haii
mere maathe par Hussain Ibn Ali likkha haii

:- Mahendra kumar "Ashq"

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